Superior Modernity at Siauliai Sports Arena

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Siauliai city Aukstabalys Sports and Entertainment Centre, which is currently under expeditious construction, will have an ultramodern sports arena with no equivalents in Lithuania, perhaps only Siemens Arena in Vilnius. Advanced technologies worth over 3 million LTL will be implemented in the object.

The contract of this value was signed between the general contractor of sports and entertainment centre construction “Panevezio statybos trestas” and electronic engineering solutions company Fima. Until next spring an innovative sports games information system, as well as timer, sound, local shooting-relay and television systems will be installed in the future complex.

So far video displays, similar to those at Siemens Arena, will not be installed at Siauliai Arena. Nevertheless, there is an intended space in the building structure, and the infrastructure is designed in such a way so that it is easier to link them up with the overall information system, which is currently being created.

“There will be more modern security, fire alarm, automation, as well as computer and telephone network solutions implemented at Aukstabaliai Complex. The new sports arena, which is perfect for arranging international tournaments, will be a good example to the other Lithuania cities in constructing their own arenas,” says Sergejus Bulachas, the director of Fima Siauliai Branch Office.

The new sports and entertainment center will open in spring 2008. Apart from the sports arena, there will also be offices, cafes, conference halls, health complex and other establishments.

The estimated value of the Project amounts to 65 million LTL. Almost 50 million LTL was budgeted from the EU Structural Funds, another 12 million LTL was allocated by Siauliai City Municipality.