Security solutions for 3 million litas installed in "Neo Group” factory

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Electronic engineering solutions company “Fima” finished installation of modern security and telecommunications solutions in “Neo Group” factory of high quality PET granules, used for packaging of different consumer products located in Klaipeda Region. They are intended for protection of equipment and property of the factory, effective reaction in extreme situations and strengthening of ecological security of the factory.

“Fima” installed advanced security, security camera, fire alarm, fire extinguishing, sound message systems as well as communication solutions in its territory and premises for 3 million litas.

“It was one of the most difficult projects of installation of such systems in Lithuania: the fitted electronic engineering solutions are widely spread in the territory of 12 ha, they are integrated into a single system, which can be comfortably centrally managed from several places“, - said “Fima“ Klaipeda Region Director Algirdas Grincevicius.

The total of 2.5 thousand fire alarm detectors were installed in the premises belonging to the factory. According to A. Grincevicius, the project is exceptional in that the fire alarm system is integrated with automatic gas extinguishing, ventilation, smoke elimination solutions.

“Gas extinguishing system extinguishes a fire by discharging not harmful gas, and not water. It is especially effective technology, as the equipment and other property located in the premises is not damaged. Solutions of fire extinguishing by gas were installed in “Neo Group“ factory in the technological server room and power boards“, - said A. Grincevicius.

Acoustic employee warning system was also installed in “Neo Group“ – about 100 loudspeakers were mounted in the territory, which can transmit sound signals or voice messages to all persons in the territory of the factory and in the buildings, or they can be directed only to concrete premises.

Over 0.5 billion litas have already been invested into the Pet granule factory located in the Klaipeda Region.