New employee warning system in Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

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Until the end of the year employee warning and information system will be modernized in Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP). It will allow to inform employees with expedition and more accurately and coordinate their actions in extreme situations.

Technological solutions will be supplied by company Fima, which won the tender for provision of electronic engineering solutions announced by INPP. The value of the started to implement project is more than 300 thousand litas.

“The old employee warning system was installed already upon construction of the power plant. Its basis consisted of electro-mechanical sirens, which could not transfer sound messages. The new system will allow that. Sound messages for information of personnel may be recorded into the system in advance or announced “live” by responsible persons“, - the biggest advantage of the future solution was explained by Fima Solution department Director Martynas Pargaliauskas.

According to him sound messages allow to organize the actions of employees more effectively in case of alarm, specify the measures to be taken.

Warning tone transfer technology in INPP will also be more modern. The new system will have about 100 different sound signals recorded in advance, each of which will have an agreed meaning and at the same time signify certain obligatory actions of employees.

Employee warning system will operate in the whole territory of the power plant – 6 acoustic sirens will be installed in the corridors of both Ist and IInd block buildings, 4 more will be installed outside. According to Fima specialists the signals themselves will be of lower tone, thus they will be heard from a further distance. Solutions will also be integrated into the internal now operating employee sound information network, thus it will allow to reach the employees working not only in the mentioned blocks or outside, but also the administration.

The system will be operated by control boards, 3 of which are installed in the territory of INPP, and one of which is installed in the fire service post located 6 km away from the power plant. In order to constantly monitor the status of the equipment of the whole warning system one of control boards will be computerized.

INPP will be one of the first to install a modern employee warning system in Lithuania. According to Fima Solution department Director, these solutions should also be noticed by other companies operating in Lithuania, employing many people and with higher risk of dangerous situations.

“Those are different factories, power plants, oil terminals and other large companies. Though we do not have real data on how many have installed reliable personnel monitoring systems, we suspect that the number of such companies is not big. Being concerned about the safety of their employees and the environment and operative reaction, they should pay attention to the possibilities provided by modern technologies“, - said M. Pargaliauskas.