“Fima’s” installed management system will strengthen the position of “Klaipeda Terminal Group” and the seaport

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Electronic engineering solutions company "Fima" has finished the installation of the innovative container terminal management system in the container-loading company "Klaipeda Terminal Group" (KTG). Due to the system installed, the company will be able to use The Electronic Data Interface (EDI), which is prevailing worldwide, as well as optimize internal procedures and strengthen the position of Klaipeda Seaport in the Baltic area.

KTG has invested 0,9 million Litas into the new management system.

KTG Director General Vaidotas Sileika states that the solutions applied will allow the competitive ability of Klaipeda Seaport to increase. So far the terminal hasn't been able to exchange data in the electronic way. As a result, some cargo ships used to choose neighbor states' (Kaliningrad's, Latvia's, Estonia's) seaports. Electronic Data Interface has become the global standard. It is used by ship lines with innovative systems installed.

"Meeting the global standards we will be more attractive to conveyors. After all, we have not only the convenient geographical location, but also a well developed infrastructure. Despite some other restrictions, we have a great potential to grow due to our investments into the technology", - stated V. Sileika.

"Fima" projects' Manager Tomas Girdzevicius affirmed that first of all modern terminal management systems are useful for companies themselves. This is because these systems allow to distribute the resources of the company more rationally and to minimize the expenditure of container-loading. "Such a system buys off quite quickly. As foreign practice shows, the management system installed in seaports of duplicate size is more effective than purchasing of two extra lifts costing several millions each", - said T. Girdzevicius.

KTG expects that after the optimization of internal processes the speed of cargo-loading will speed up for approximately 25 percent and work efficiency will increase by quarter.

"We will be able to serve our clients more swiftly because the management system allows us to optimize the procedures. Thus, the expenditure will be saved up. Furthermore, new opportunities for clients will arise – they will be able to view their cargos arrived, the procedures pursued, the state of their cargos and the like", - said KTG Director General.

He hopes the new system will quicken the increase of the flow of cargos that are carried over in containers. During the first 7 months of 2006 KTG has reloaded over 125.3 thousand of intermodal shipping containers (TEU). It is 1.4 percent more in comparison to appropriate period of last year. 100.88 thousand of TEU were served in Riga in the period of January-July (it is 10.6 percent more than during the first 7 months of 2005), in Tallinn – approximately 87.89 thousand TEU were served (it is 23.8 percent more).

Klaipeda terminal group expects to reach the limit of 220 – 240 thousand TEU this year. KTG overloads 100 percent of all containers transported through Klaipeda.