FIMA will install security measures for the spent fuel storage facility of INPP

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The Lithuanian electronic engineering solutions company UAB Fima with the German company RWE Nukem, which will construct and equip the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) spent fuel storage facility, has signed an agreement on the implementation of territory and building security systems.

The INPP Decommissioning Fund has allocated for the construction of the spent fuel storage facility approximately 92,7 million Euros (320,07 million Litas), out of which 3,5 million Euros (12 million Litas) have been assigned to the security system that will be installed by UAB "Fima".

"In order to ensure a perfect security of this storage facility, "RWE Nukem", by choosing a project executor through the tendering procedure, has paid considerable attention to its competence and experience in developing complicated system security solutions within special objects and the INPP as well", told Kestutis Puidokas, "RWE Nukem" representative in Lithuania.

Apart from usual perimeter, video surveillance, access control, security alarm, fire alarm and communication systems ensuring the spent fuel storage facility security, UAB "Fima" will also install particular control measures: fences, barriers, radiation level meters.

"All the security technologies have been selected with regard to object specifications as well as to high requirements raised by "RWE Nukem" and the INPP top management. In the INPP we will apply a modern transport means block system that is completely new in Lithuania. This system will allow to stop not only illegally crossing cars, but also railway vehicles", told Arturas Suliauskas, Director of UAB "Fima" Project Implementation Division.

This year UAB "Fima" will conduct system design works, while security system solutions will be implemented in 2007-2008.

This security system installation is not the first project carried by UAB "Fima" in the INPP. The company has started cooperating with the INPP in designing and implementing electronic and engineering systems (security, communication, fire alarm, etc.) since 1994.