“Fima” will install an airfield lighting system at Zokniai Airport

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UAB “Fima”, a leading company in developing electronic engineering solutions in Lithuania, will install a modern runway airfield lighting system at Zokniai Military Airport. The agreement between the company and UAB “Siauliu plentas”, the main general contractor of runway reconstruction works, was signed last Friday.

The amount allocated to this new runway airfield lighting system of 3,5 km length is more than 2 million Litas. It is planned to start its installation works this month and finish in the middle of next autumn.

“An analogous system in Lithuania has been so far mounted only in the reconstructed side runway of Zokniai Airport. After the modernisation of the main runway this Siauliai Airport will have the most updated airfield lighting solution in Lithuania”, said Sergejus Bulachas, UAB “Fima” Director for Siauliai Region.

Last year an airfield lighting  system for the side runway was also installed by UAB “Fima” together with its partner UAB “Siemens”. The control of this system is computerised: staff can observe the runway on the touch screen as well as change light intensity with regard to atmospheric conditions and identify occurring hindrances.

“The main runway project is a task of big accuracy. For more than a hundred beacons it is necessary to accurately calculate their installation places and conduct light flow coordination works”, told S. Bulachas.

According to his statement, after the implementation of the airfield lighting system its final conformity to the technical requirements will be established by hiring planes with special equipment for testing various beacon parameters. For these coordination works it is planned to take foreign specialists as well. The project has to comply with the requirements of both the International Civil Aviation Organisation and NATO.

The total amount allocated to the reconstruction of the main runway at Zuokniai Airport is 55 million Litas, out of which 47 million Litas are committed under the NATO Security Investment Programme. Participants in NATO organised tenders for the modernisation of the military aviation base can be only those companies that have special permits to take part in this process. UAB “Fima” received such permit last August.