“Fima” to perform works in border post in Kena railway station for 17.5 million litas

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Development works are again implemented in one of the main railway border posts on the Lithuanian-Belarus border – in Kena station. 8 additional railway lines will be built, a train traffic management system will be installed, buildings necessary for the work of customs and border service will rise by summer, 2008.

Upon implementation of works estimated at 74 million litas Kena will become the largest modern border railway station in Lithuania. People or consignments travelling through this control post reach the European Union, leave it or go by transit to Kaliningrad region. Lithuania as being responsible for the protection of outer EU border is strengthening border control.

The majority of the means for the project come from European Union funds. The works will be performed by a consortium of three companies that won the tender – construction company “Skala“, railway building company “Vitras“ and company of electronic engineering solutions “Fima“.

“Skala” which coordinates the activities of the consortium and the project will perform general construction works in Kena station: will construct a new border post customs terminal, equip railway subgrades, and other structures and gear servicing the station. The employees of company “Vitras“ will build additional railway lines, where “Fima“ will install advanced traffic management solutions, which were already installed during previous phases of development.
“Development of Kena station is also prompted by growing flows of travellers and consignments. For their effective management we will install a functional system operating on the basis of microprocessors, which will automatically regulate train traffic. Besides, all traffic information will be observed by watchers on computer screens, who will be able to manage the system manually, if necessary”, said “Fima“ Project Development Department Director Arturas Suliauskas.

According to him upon installation of this system Kena will become one of the most modern railway border posts in all Baltic States.

Besides traffic management solutions for over 17.5 million litas “Fima“ will also perform works of installation of power supply, modern security, security camera and communication systems in the territory of the station and in the new structures.

The company has been working in this railway station border post for several years now – “Fima“ participated in phases I and II of development of Kena station. Then it included reconstruction of railway lines, installation of railway shunt warming system, buildings were also equipped with security systems, data transfer networks. Sound alarm systems were installed in order to ensure the security of employees working on lines, many other works were performed.