”Fima” is the first Golden Partner of “Avaya” in the Baltic States

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”Avaya”, the global leader of communication systems, applied programs and telephony services, awarded ”Fima”, the Lithuanian capital company of electronic engineering solutions, the Status of Golden Partner. The company with such status is the first one in the Baltic States and the 28th in the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Since 1993, when “Fima” began its partnership with AT&T, the predecessor of the American “Avaya”, the Lithuanian company has implemented over 400 complex “Avaya” systems and 1000 systems in total. The total number of present consumers of the implemented systems amounts to almost 100.000.

“The Golden Partner Status is the best appreciation of our competence and importance in implementing telecommunication solutions for the companies,” says Gintaras Juknevicius, the CEO of “Fima”.

According to Tomas Macernis, “Avaya” manager for the Baltic region, the companies are awarded the Golden Partner Status after the evaluation of the level of their employees’ knowledge, client service and the executed sales. A lot of attention is given to the range of the production. “The Golden Partners have to learn and pass “Avaya” examinations. Then they receive certificates confirming their competence. “Fima” has 7 competent employees, and the sales of the company have surpassed all our expectations,” says Tomas Macernis.

Each year “Fima” sends its experts and some 20 clients to “Avaya” training centre where they have a possibility to learn about innovations and improve their knowledge.

According to “Fima”, the company occupies about 30-40% of the present Lithuanian market of telecommunication solutions for large business and infrastructural objects. From now on the company will be able to implement very specific and complex “Avaya” solutions, i.e. solutions in the fields of computer telephonic integration with databases and number mobility.

The most complex telecommunication solutions by “Fima” were implemented at the largest Lithuanian contact centers “Transcom WorldWide Vilnius” and “Lintel” that have over 1000 operators employed. Large systems were introduced at the Ministry of Interior, “Lithuanian Railway”, “Lithuanian Energy”, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, as well as private equity enterprises, such as “Phillip Morris”, “Masterfoods” etc.

“We offer “Avaya” solutions mostly for large and medium enterprises and infrastructural objects. These are not only convenient and reliable technical tools but they also help to optimize the enterprise costs,” says Gintaras Juknevicius.

“Avaya” has over 2.500 business partners all over the world. 1.500 (28 Golden Partners) of them are partners in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, including Lithuania. “Avaya” has 11 partners in the Baltic region.