“Fima” has installed the largest data centre in Lithuania for the company “Baltic Data Center”

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Information volume is constantly increasing in Lithuanian enterprises and organizations, thus its security and efficient management are essential. Responding to a constant increase in market demand the secondary enterprise of the company TEO Baltic Data Center (BDC) began operation of the second data center in the beginning of October. Its services will be used by major Lithuanian companies that consider collection, access and security of data essential.

The new data center, which is the largest data center in Lithuania and one of the largest in the Baltic States, was installed by the electronic engineering solutions company “Fima”. The company has installed modern technology solutions in the area of about 600 square metres.

“The construction of a new data centre was encouraged by the increasing market demand of secure data storage – presently the old data centre is almost full. Even before launching the second centre we received requests from major clients wanting to rent the premises at the new data centre,” says Vakaris Stakauskas, the Head of Service Department, BDC data centre.

Currently the main company’s clients include financial, trade and telecommunication companies that depend on continuous operation of IT systems and data security as an essential condition for their business success.

According to Valdas Vrubliauskas, the Head of Fima Automation and Data Transfer Department, the increase in data centre service demand in Lithuania is attributed to the increasing requirements for data storage and security of major companies such as banks, trade and production companies. “This is determined by the greater attention that companies pay to the information stored and certain European standards that encourage the companies to store the information in such specialized centers. For example, financial organizations have to store their important data at the distance of no less than 10 km from their head office. Baltic Data Center is now able to offer them two data centers located at the distance of 20 km from each other, “says Valdas Vrubliauskas.

The engineering complexity and reliability of the new data centre can be compared to war bunkers. “The technologies protect the server farm from various external dangers - human break-in, water, electromagnetic radiation, lighting and fire. Its walls are fireproof for over 2 hours, we use flameproof cables,” the expert says.

One of the most complicated challenges at the data centre is to create a suitable microenvironment for equipment operation: proper temperature, ventilation, and humidity. In case of BDC, the systems of air cooling, ventilation and data transfer are duplicated, thus the dysfunctional link is replaced by the spare one. To ensure uninterrupted power supply at the data centre a diesel power station and one of the most powerful (600 kW) uninterrupted power supply sources of such type in Lithuania was installed,” Valdas Vrubliauskas says.

According to “Fima” experts, who have already installed a number of data centers, the installation of the server at a distant data centre will not cause any inconvenience to network administrators and employees of the companies as the speed of data transfer equals to the quality of an average network connection and data can be transferred at the speed of up to 10 gigabits per second.