Expected video telephony breakthrough

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The engineering solutions company “Fima” forecasts a speedy spread of video telephony in Lithuania. The company expects such a breakthrough with introduction of new generation computer- or the usual mode-operated IP (internet protocol) telephones manufactured by its partner, the American telecommunication company „Avaya“.

These products that were presented on the global market in the end of the last year, allow the client not only to hear the collocutor‘s voice, when making a call, but also see his/her image. Such possibilities are mostly used for teleconferencing among medium- and large-sized company subdivisions, communicating with foreign partners, as they are time saving and cut down communication costs.

“Teleconferencing possibilities have been employed on a small scale by now due to poor quality of the image and rather considerable costs of the essential means. New solutions will somewhat change the situation: being easily connected to the usual telephone infrastructure, they outmatch most of those currently available of the market not only due to easy operation, considerably higher quality, but also several times lower prices,“ said Director of the Telecommunication Solutions Department of the JSC “Fima” Eugenijus Kurtinaitis.

Company managers and specialists are invited to the presentation of video telephony solutions that will take place on coming Thursday at a specially arranged „Avaya Day 2006“. Some more interesting solutions of the American company, which are applied for the current football championship in Germany, “Formula 1” “Honda” team and quite a number of Lithuanian call centres.

In estimation of the „Fima“ representative, in general, a new tendency emerges on the telecommunication market, which manifests through the focus shift from functional devices to the mode they are integrated into the common system and are adapted to meet specific needs of the client.

“Such systems are sophisticated, and their design turns to be the most significant phase requiring efforts of highly professional specialists. We plan to enhance the competence of our specialists in this field,” said E. Kurtinaitis.

The partnership between “Avaya” and “Fima” lasts for five years already. “Fima” maintained co-operation relations with “Lucent Technologies! and its parent company “AT&T” before. They gave the rise to the “Avaya” company. This summer, the Lithuanian company expects to obtain the status of the “Avaya” Golden Partner, which has been awarded only to several tens of European companies.