Vilnius City Video Surveillance System Helps to Fight against Delinquency

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The Officers of Vilnius City Chief Police Commissariat (VPK), observing the order in the city through video surveillance cameras record the violations of the road traffic rules most often (on average – almost 350 times per year). A bit less often they record the consumption of alcoholic drinks in public places and other cases of violations of public order, 202 and 49 times per year respectfully.

In total, police officers from the capital detain more than thousand persons who have violated the law thanks to video surveillance cameras.

“With the help of the video cameras we also record both incidental violations of the law and more serious crimes, among which the largest part is composed of sales in stolen goods, thefts of personal belongings, robberies”, - told Remigijus Gintautas, the manager of Public Police Operative Management Section of Vilnius City Chief Police Commissariat, where the video surveillance cameras are mounted.

The biggest part of the network of the video surveillance cameras, which were mounted in 2002-2004 by the leading company of electronic engineering solutions “Fima”, is located in the Old Town and station areas, therefore, they also record the most part of the cases of law violations: in Vokieciu street on average about 50, in Didzioji street – 45, in Uzupio street – 38 law violations per year.

Currently there are 78 video surveillance cameras mounted in Vilnius. According to the data of Chief Police Commissariat, last year, compared to 2003, the delinquency in the territories observed by the cameras decreased by approximately 40 percent. Similar tendencies are also observed this year.

“Cooperating with Vilnius City Chief Police Commissariat, we contribute to ensuring the safety of the citizens of the capital. In the future, applying progressive innovations, we are planning to implement more than one project useful to the society”, - told the manager of Solution Department of “Fima”.

As he claims, the networks of video surveillance cameras are especially widely used, there are more than 27 million of such cameras in the whole world, and sums of money reaching billions are allotted for their further development.

Vilnius City Chief Police Commissariat also does not reject the possibility that in the nearest future the network of video surveillance cameras of the capital will be expanded. Kaunas is also planning to mount cameras in the streets, were a public tender was announced this summer. Smaller city video surveillance camera systems are already implemented also in other smaller Lithuanian towns.