Vilnius Airport Passengers are Secured by an Integrated Security System

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Implementing a safety-net intended by European Union (EU) against possible terrorists’ attacks, international Vilnius airport decided to install one of the most modern video security technologies in Baltic states. “Fima” has won the competition and will modernize old and install new integrated digital video security system inclusive the observation of the airport, analysis of video data and control.

“In the contemporary world the biggest attention is being concentrated on people’s security at an airport. Implementing security measures shall not impact a fluent and continuous passengers’ service. Therefore, seeking these goals we have to invoke the most modern security assuring technologies. International Vilnius airport has been acknowledged as the company having a strategic importance for national security,” – said Mindaugas Ivanauskas, the general director of International Vilnius airport.

Airport security system is being installed executing EU regulation of the year 2002, which was accredited after September 11, 2001 on purpose to secure from possible terrorists’ attacks. According M. Ivanauskas, the newest system installed at International Vilnius airport will conform to the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

”Fima” will install advanced security system – chain of high resolution view observation cameras, which will constantly observe passengers’ flows in the passengers’ terminal, arrival, departure halls of the airport, as well as will collect and analyze data received by digital technology – at International Vilnius airport.

“Fima” company has been chosen after evaluating its experience while executing Vilnius city preventive security system, installing security system in banks, modernizing Ignalina nuclear power-station and “Lietuvos Geležinkeliai“systems. Furthermore, radioactive substances detection and passengers’ informative video and sound systems formerly installed by “Fima” are perfectly working at the airport.” – said M. Ivanauskas.

All security system modernizing works are expected to be executed by May, 2005.