The Flows of the Passenger in the New Terminal of Vilnius Airport will be Planned Using the Most Up-to-date Technologies

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Joint-stock company “Fima” and Vilnius airport have signed a contract for the creation of the video simulators model of the flows of the passengers in the new terminal of Vilnius airport.

“The hardware solution, which will be created by “Fima” together with its partner “Airport Research Center” GmbH, will be allotted for video broadcasting of the movement of passengers’ flows through the new terminal of the airport. The simulation model will accurately render the plan of the new terminal; the main objects of the airport will be indicated in it, such as ticket offices, registration places, passport control offices, security control posts, flight passport control posts, baggage reception belts, air terminal etc. After actuation of the simulation, the movement of passengers and other people in the airport will be seen as well as occurring congestions and rows. Using the simulation it is possible to forecast the “critical” places of the new terminal, to make certain conclusions and to determine which place of the building should hold more measures ensuring safety. This model of simulation will allow optimizing the plan of the terminal so that the congestions of passengers would be avoided, and the terminal itself would be able to serve an anticipated number of passengers,” explained the Director of the Development of Vilnius Airport, Mindaugas Bajercius.

“Simulation models for the flows of people are widely applied abroad while planning such objects as universal sports arenas, shopping centres, universities, schools and other objects, where it is important to organize the movement of goods and people in a proper way, to evaluate future flows properly and to select optimal architectural and organizational solutions,” claimed the Director of Solution Department of JSC “Fima”, Martynas Pargaliauskas. According to him, it is not very popular in Lithuania yet, but due to the increase of complicated and large constructions the specialists of “Fima” are forecasting the growth of the demand of this software.

Except for the radioactive and explosive material detection and the informational video and sound systems for passengers installed at Vilnius Airport by “Fima” earlier; recently the modernization project for digital video security system was finished and integrated; currently its expansion is being carried out.