The Company will Implement Air Monitoring System

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Environmental protection agency monitoring and evaluating air quality in all the territory of Lithuania since spring 2006, when the installation work of the modern equipment is complete, can gather the data more expeditiously and accurately about the level of the air pollution in the country and to provide its forecasts.

The new equipment will be installed by a Lithuanian company which has cut out foreigners in the competition – a company of electronic engineering solutions “Fima”. Last week it signed a contract for 0,7 million Litas with Central Project Management Agency.

“Thanks to the new equipment, the environmental protection specialists will be able to complete more accurate air pollution maps of the country. They are necessary while seeking to notice the changes in the air composition hazardous to the health of people and the environment on time, and to take respective actions”, - claimed the Director of Air Quality Management Department of Environmental Protection Agency, Donatas Penkauskas.

Until spring it is expected to build three towers of 24 meters, onto which the meteorological devices will be launched – measurement devices for wind direction as well as speed, radiation, temperate and humidity.

“In three biggest Lithuanian cities – Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda – we will mount air pollution analyzers, which will not only establish the air pollution, but will also determine how much and what pollutants are present in the air”, - told the Director of the Solutions Department of “Fima”, Martynas Pargaliauskas.

According to him, traffic indicators and classificators, which do not have analogues in Lithuania, will also be mounted in these cities, they will record the type and number of the passing cars and will also analyze their influence upon the environmental pollution.

“Such indicators are mounted not in the road paving, as it is usually done, but above it, they can also be used for the evaluation of the intensity of the streets of the city and for planning the road repair works”, - announced the Director of the Solutions Department of “Fima”.

According to the calculations of the specialists, supplying the current air pollution equipment with new solutions, it will be possible to make grounded conclusions about the air quality in all Lithuania. This project received funding following the European Union PHARE program.