New Opportunities for Businessmen after Modernizing “Lintel”

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“Lintel”, the leader of the contacts in Lithuania, will invest almost 6 million Litas into the newest “Avaya” hardware, which will allow “Lintel” to offer companies new services and to expand opportunities of the services which are already provided.

“Implementing our ambitious goals to become the biggest and the leading-edge contact centre service supplier in the Baltic states, we made a decision to implement virtual “Avaya” contact centre created on the basis of IP technologies together with “Fima”, which will allow to expand the capacities of the contact centres easily and according to the demands of the market, will ensure the possibility for companies to supply service for their  customers of a better quality and more effectively not only on the phone, but also through other communication channels”, – claimed Director General of  “Lintel”, Daiva Urbanaviciene.

According to her, after implementing new contact center solution, the amount of “Lintel” employees will increase from 318 to 400 already this year. In the future “Lintel” will be able to expand its capacity up to even 5000 workplaces. “After modernizing the contact centers, “Lintel” is planning to increase the sales of the services of contact centers by 26 percent in 2005” – explained D. Urbanaviciene.

After installing the new equipment, “Lintel” will offer businessmen new opportunities in service and contact management. One of the novelties is that the contact management service will allow companies to create their own contact centre for serving their customers without investment into equipment. “Lintel” will also offer customer care not only by telephone, but also using other communication channels: e-mail, fax, internet, SMS.

“New “Avaya” equipment will allow “Lintel” to make automated surveys, telephone sales, calling postal shipment companies and to carry them out more effectively. The company will also have an opportunity to manage big flows of calls in a more flexible and efficient way. Moreover, we will be able to provide companies with the reports about the demands of their customers in real time”, – told D. Urbanaviciene.

According to her, after installing new equipment, “Lintel” will be able to employ mothers, who are bringing up children, disabled children, since it will be possible to serve the clients of a customer company straight from the home of the consultant.

As claimed the head of “Avaya” representative office in Lithuania, Tomas Macernis, after installing the new equipment in “Lintel”, the company will become the biggest and the leading-edge contact centre in Baltic countries.

“The contact centre established on the basis of “Avaya" technology is unique in several aspects. First of all, the transfer of the voice will be based on IP, not on traditional telephony. Instead of the currently existing 4 technologically independent contact centers, “Lintel” will become a one virtual, centralized management centre. Moreover, the re-distribution of the calls will become automated and independent from the workplace of the consultants.

“Lintel” consultants will be able to work successfully even being, for example, in USA”, – revealed the features of the new technology T. Macernis.

He paid attention that the credibility of the new equipment reaches 99,999 percent or 2 minutes of work interference in a year.

The president of JSC “Fima”, which won the competition for implementing the solution of the virtual contact centre, Vaidas Barakauskas, claimed that the system of the highest credibility level and exceptional opportunities will be installed within a record time in the country, i.e. 2-3 months. Usually the installation of analogical systems lasts about two times longer.

According to V. Barakauskas, the most important aspect of this modernization is the fact that the new equipment will be installed without suspending the work of the contact centre and ensuring its high quality functioning.

V. Barakauskas paid attention that the usage of IP technologies in call centres signifies a technological break in the telecommunications sphere. “Lintel” will be the first contact centre in the region created on the basis of IP telephony.

“Up to now IP technology was avoided, because it was too expensive and insufficiently elaborated. The fact that the contact centre decided to install the technology based on IP telephony proves that this technology has reached a sufficiently high credibility level and will be widely used in various branches of the economy of the country”, – commented V. Barakauskas.

The installation and the maintenance of the new “Avaya” equipment will be carried out by “Fima” together with the company “Baltic Data Centre”.