Fima results for 2004 year

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Large orders had increased income of JSC “FIMA” by 40%, up to 80 million Lt.

JSC FIMA has installed automation, data handling and transmission, telecommunications, protective and control systems of transport, energetic and industrial processes.

"Development of building works and increased demand for modernization of infrastructure sector influenced growth of our company during last year” – says Jurgita Bukauskaitė, JSC "Fima" marketing manager. Large-scale projects of transport and infrastructure sectors increased income of “Fima” at most. These projects cover various solutions: traffic control systems, electrical power supply networks, telecommunications, data networks, protective (guard) solutions, video and audio information systems. Installation of information systems has increased our income as well. We have installed video information system in “Siemens” arena, video and audio information system in Vilnius train station".

Major projects
Among major FIMA works during last year Bukauskaitė points out “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” project – modernization of train traffic control, technological –loudspeaker connections, electrical power supply and lighting, reserve power systems in several train stations at Kaišiadoriai – Radviliškis railroad segment.

Other major projects – renovation of "Transcom" call center equipment, increasing center capacity several times. Renovation of telephone station equipment for company “Avon”. Installation of automatic building control, extinguishing (sprinkler) and ventilation systems for company "Intersurgical". In order to improve technical inspection quality JSC FIMA has established special subdivision last year. Branch offices of this subdivision are already operating in Kaunas and Klaipėda. New branch office was established in Šiauliai at the end of the year. Number of FIMA employees has increased by 11%, up to 260 during 2004 year. "Expanding constructions of nonstandard and complex industrial, recreational objects in Lithuania as well as active modernization of transport sector using EU structural funds should increase our income this year” - says Bukauskaitė.