“Fima” Installed Modern Informational Field Terminals in Neringa

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In Neringa “Fima” installed the first tourism information terminals operating under field conditions, which are directly connected to the Internet.  In total, four twenty four hour working tourism information terminals were established: two in Nida, one in Preila and one in Juodkrante. Field terminal will be useful to the guests of Neringa willing to receive information about accommodation, catering institutions and the places to sightsee in the resort. “Since the customer wants to ensure the supply of the newest and most relevant information to their guests of the city, we selected the solution of the direct connection of the terminals to the internet,” claimed the Director of Solution Department of “Fima”, Martynas Pargaliauskas.

The works performed by “Fima” is part of the project implemented by Neringa municipality “Neringa city tourism service and product marketing using modern informational distribution means: tourism informational terminals and website”. “Fima” offered and mounted tourism informational terminal equipment solution, which completely satisfied the requirements set by Neringa municipality.

“Though there are quite many informational terminals installed in Lithuania, nevertheless, they are the first informational terminals connected to the Internet, adjusted for field conditions. With the help of a special browser the information from the website of culture and tourism information centre will be displayed. Information will be rendered into the screen pressing the monitor with the active matrix by fingers,” told M. Pargaliauskas.

According to M. Pargaliauskas, similar information tourism terminal establishment also interests the representatives of other Lithuanian municipalities and the possibilities of the informational terminals these days surpass the expectations of the consumers: a printer for the needed information, ticket or map might be installed in the informational terminal, a bank card cashier might be installed, as well as the collector of cash money for paying for the service, a telephone receiver might be mounted, it might be used trying to reach the information centre and to implement the scanning/accession equipment for the payment cards (for the public transport, automobile parking-lots, museums and the like).