Exhibits are Brought to “Infobalt 2005” from Seimas

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The Lithuanian leader of electronic engineering solutions Joint-stock company “Fima” will introduce modern technology for projecting video wall, allotted for rendering exceptionally big amounts of information, to the visitors in this year’s exhibition “Infobalt 2005” of information society technologies.

This innovation will be brought to the exhibition from Seimas, where the parliamentarians used its opportunities almost 3 weeks. The video wall installed in the main meeting hall broadcasted the view from the hall, rendered the voting results and the agenda of the meeting.

“Video walls are still a novelty in Lithuania and the enterprises most often use older generation broadcasting equipment. But this product from the Belgian company “Barco” signifies a qualitatively new phase in the evolution of video systems – it is distinguished by both technical parameters and the application opportunities. Members of Seimas were already persuaded about it”, – claimed Martynas Pargaliauskas, the director of the Solution department of  “Fima”.

A record video wall produced by “Barco” is installed in Indian telecommunication company “Reliance Infocomm”. Even 160 units of video cubes of 67 inch diagonal were used for the video wall implemented in its dispatcher office, where 24 hours a day the work of telecommunication network is observed, and the total broadcasting area reaches even 225 square metres and is equal to the size of the tennis field. Abroad video wall technology is used in various business sectors, especially in electric and thermal power-stations, large industrial companies, where it is necessary to observe the work of the systems and their various parameters continuously.

Video walls are also popular in the telecommunication service companies, security, airport supervision centres, television channels, conference halls. The main principle of “Barco” video wall – projecting video cubes of 50 – 100 inch diagonal installed one next to another, between which there is only the distance of 1 millimetre. Since it is possible to join an unlimited number of such cubes into unbroken area, the size of the video wall depends solely on the demands and possibilities of the customer. “Fima” will exhibit a video wall of 2,5 metres diagonal, composed of four joined cubes, in the exhibition.

The company is also planning to introduce the visitors of the stand other technological novelties: specialized software for simulating the movement of the flows of people, which has already been implemented while checking the project of the new terminal of Vilnius airport, the solutions for modernizing the cities, “one number” solutions of the partner of the company – “Avaya”, allowing to ensure effective work of “mobile” workers.