A Single Telephone Number in a Business Card

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Various surveys reveal that less than 20 percent of employees spend the whole working day in the office and most part of the employees are mobile and sometimes it is very difficult to reach them, i.e. the customers or colleagues have to “catch” them calling not only into the fixed line phone, but also trying the work number and even personal mobile telephone. This takes up a lot of time and additional inconveniences occur.

American company “Avaya” – a global leader in communication systems, applied programs and telephony service sphere – created a solution, helping to join the advantages of two types of lines – fixed and mobile. Lately it has offered the foreign market software package “Avaya Mobile”, the company has also introduced this technology innovation to the Lithuanian market.

According to the project manager of the partner of “Avaya” in Lithuania, a company of electronic engineering solutions “Fima”, Irmantas Suziedelis, this software, created cooperating with one of the biggest mobile phone producers in he world “Nokia”, provides a possibility to reach the employees of the company calling one business number, no matter, if they are at the office or out of it.

“From now on the employees in their business cards will be able to provide only one number – a fixed line one, since with the help of the decision of “Avaya Mobile”, dialing it the calls will be automatically diverted also to the mobile phone of the employee, therefore, at the same time both the mobile and the fixed line phone will ring”, - told I. Suziedelis.

According to him, “Avaya Mobile” simplifies the communication processes and is exceptionally convenient to persons making a call, since they will reach the employer by dialing one number. Moreover, as the employee calls from his mobile phone, it is shown as if he were calling from the fixed line.

Moreover, not willing or being unable to accept a call, the employee will be able to forward it to another person, for example, to his secretary, workers of the administration or other colleagues. Another interesting detail – an employee talking on his mobile phone, can pick up the fixed line phone after returning to the office and continue the conversation on the fixed line phone without interrupting.

According to the manager of “Fima” projects, the producers of the software have also found a way to separate the personal and business life of the employee. In his mobile phone, the employee will be able to turn off the call synchronization function, so after work he will only be reached by the people who know his mobile number.

Researches carried out abroad prove that almost 90 percent of the respondents are satisfied customers of “Avaya Mobile”. So far this software is accommodated with 60 series platform “Nokia” and “Panasonic” mobile phones; nevertheless, in the future the possibilities will be expanded.