“Fima” Starts a Live Broadcasting from Romany Settlement in the Exhibition

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Telecommunication, security, data and automatics solution company “Fima” starts a live broadcasting in the exhibition “Infobalt 2004” from Vilnius Romany settlement, Konstitucijos avenue, other locations of the capital, where “Fima” has installed city video surveillance systems.

“Visitors of the exhibition will have an opportunity to observe Vilnius Romany Settlement which received a lot of attention lately and the most modern street of the capital – Konstitucijos avenue from special surveillance columns with their own eyes”, claimed the development director of “Fima”, Aleksandras Klumbys.

According to him, with the help of live video demonstration “Fima” decided to introduce one of the newest and most effective products – city video surveillance system, decreasing the crime rate in the cities down to 60 percent. In Vilnius “Fima” is already completing the last system expansion stage of 2,5 million Euros worth.

In the exhibition “Infobalt 2004” “Fima” expects to receive the attention of the representatives of municipalities and businessmen. Lithuanian cities will be offered citizen-safety solutions and activity optimization systems will be presented to companies.

“Introducing the special video surveillance system created for ensuring the safety of cities, we hope to receive a lot of attention from the representatives of cities suffering due to high crime rate and the resorts of the country. Businessmen seeking to optimize company work are offered individual solutions in the fields of security, data transfer and telecommunication”, told A. Klumbys.

According to him, this time more products allotted both for the small business type companies and large organizations, administering big buildings and equipment are provided in the exhibition. Software “IP Office”, which joins the functions of the telephone and the computer, was offered by “Fima” to small companies, complex building management systems were offered to large organizations.

“IP Office” is the equipment for an office with an integrated telephone station, access to Internet, Firewall, other components necessary for office work. Using “IP Office”, it is no longer necessary to install other office communication equipment; it is possible to communicate by telephone, to receive messages directly in the Microsoft “Outlook” environment.

Building management system is equipment with a joint heating, air conditioning, lightning, water and electricity supply as well as security functions, which at the same time can be managed through a distance. Using building management system, the resources of the employees are saved up together with the expenses for heating, electricity and other services, as the usage of the building functions is accurately automated.

“Fima” Security Solution Department as well presents complex integrated system “Genesis”, digital recording devices “Digieye”, “Pelco” and thermovisor. Specialists from Data Network Solution Department provide 10 Gb network opportunities and the forecasts of its usage in the future. Server management equipment and company LAN implementation and optimization opportunities are demonstrated. Department of Telecommunication Solutions presents the optical transfer, telecommunication network equipment and uninterrupted power supply systems in the exhibition.