“Fima” Solutions to the Municipalities and Companies in the Exhibition “Infobalt 2004”

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“Fima”, the company of process automatics, telecommunications, communications, data transfer and security systems, is expecting to receive the attention of the representatives of municipalities and businessmen in the exhibition “Infobalt 2004”. The security solutions will be offered for cities and the activity optimization solutions for companies.

“We introduce a special video surveillance system created for ensuring the security, the efficiency of which was examined in some increased-risk locations in Vilnius. During the exhibition we hope to receive the attention from the representatives of cities, especially resorts”, told Development Director of “Fima”, Aleksandras Klumbys.

Furthermore, according to the Development Director, “Fima” will introduce the businessmen of the country a wide spectrum of solutions optimizing the work of a company – from office equipment “IP Office”, joining the functions of the telephone and the computer, to complex building management systems.

“This time during the exhibition we will provide products allotted for both small office-type companies and for large organization, managing big buildings and equipment”, explained Aleksandras Klumbys.

Businessmen seeking to optimize the work of a company will be offered individual solutions during the exhibition. Specialists from security, data transfer and telecommunication departments will work at “Fima” stand.