History in brief

Scientific knowledge, academic excellence and the application of modern management principles provided the foundation for our business.

At its inception in 1992, FIMA's core staff were physicists and mathematicians from Lithuanian academia, and our name derives from the first syllables of the Lithuanian words “fizika” (physics) and “matematika” (mathematics).

FIMA’s goal is to provide the most significant contribution to the modernisation of the Baltic region’s infrastructure. This is what drives us and pushes us on to seek new innovations and to apply them in everything that we do.

Having started in security and alarm systems, FIMA has expanded into telecommunications, automation, data communication and many other areas. As our portfolio has grown, so our organisation has continued to develop and today FIMA is an international company recognised for intelligent engineering solutions.

FIMA has come a long way since 1992 and yet our fundamental principles remain the same: to discover and develop new concepts and ideas, to be successful in every area we operate in and to always remain at least one step ahead of the competition.

Milestones in FIMA’s history.