During 2016, we began work as general contractor on a major new project: the construction of the Rambynas border control post on the Lithuanian border with Russia.

We continued work in one of our priority sectors – railway system upgrades. We signed contracts in Lithuania to upgrade traffic control, telecommunications and power supply systems on the second track on the Pušynas–Paneriai of Vilnius Bypass and on the Rokai–Jiesia section of Rail Baltica.  We also signed our first contract to upgrade railway infrastructure on railways in Poland.

We started the implementation of Lithuania’s largest DMR Tier II network which will ensure that teams working for the electricity and gas distribution company, ESO, are able to respond to incidents promptly and effectively.

FIMA was among the 100 companies that created most added value for Lithuania during 2015, according to data from the Lithuanian Department of Statistics.

The ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system was implemented in the company.