During 2015, FIMA implemented four data centres in Lithuania: for the State Social Insurance Fund Board, Vytautas Magnus University, RackRay and TEO (Telia). Following our work, the TEO (Telia) data centre was given a Tier III reliability certificate.

During  work on electrifying the section of rail line between Naujoji Vilnia and the Belarusian border, we invested in equipment manufactured by Palfinger of Austria and SVI S.p.A. of Italy for the overhead electrical supply system. This modern equipment can be used for overhead systems on both eastern and western standard gauges.

A border control post compliant with international requirements and built and fitted out by FIMA opened on the Lithuanian border with Belarus at Tverečius.

Avaya, the world leader in business communication systems, confirmed that we comply with the Joint Service Delivery quality criteria for system implementation and maintenance.

We participated in the implementation of the most modern rail data transmission network in Latvia and this was launched in January 2016. We also implemented an academic data centre at Riga Technical University (RTU).

FIMA has expanded into the Polish market and, in 2015, an agreement was signed for FIMA Polska to implement engineering systems at an entertainment and sports arena in Gliwice. FIMA became an associate member of the Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce.

We provided more than 20 building infrastructure systems at the Sokol Sports and Entertainment Complex in Belarus, which covers an area of 65,000 sq m and features a five-star Marriott Hotel. We also continued our road infrastructure projects and implemented smart traffic light regulation systems at road intersections and pedestrian crossings.