If you crave constant challenge, then FIMA may well present you with an amazing opportunity. We are looking for determined people with the desire to grow. Everybody who works here is keen to learn new developments in their specialist area to innovate in their work. We encourage our specialists to constantly improve their knowledge by taking part in international conferences and training. 

We freely exchange ideas among ourselves and do not conform to traditional hierarchical and communication structures. We operate as a finely-tuned team where every member’s contribution counts. FIMA believes that through diversity comes synergy and that difference is an asset. Therefore we seek to open up opportunities for all of our people to express themselves and discover their true potential.

Although central to everything that we do, innovation is not the sole reason for our success. By sharing good practice, achievements and challenges, FIMA’s staff support each other and drive our highly efficient organisation.

We believe in a culture that extends beyond work and staying at a desk: we celebrate our staff with parties, sports events, corporate events, working group meetings and inter-departmental discussion groups. This fosters a collegiate atmosphere.

FIMA is a perfect talent pool for every employee to grow and achieve their goals.

If you want to join our team, please send your CV to
Contact telephone number: +370 5 211 34 06+370 5 211 34 93